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ORMOND BEACH, FL — Hospital Parking Management, a division of Seven One Seven Parking Services, Inc has renewed its valet parking contract with Florida Hospital Memorial System – Ormond (Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial), where Hospital Parking Management currently manages the valet parking for all hospital guests and visitors.

“As this contract details, Hospital Parking Management will continue to provide Florida Hospital Ormond Beach with professional, customer service-oriented parking services,” said Jason Accardi, Hospital Parking Management’s president. “We are extremely pleased to have been the hospital’s preferential choice for valet service. It is a testament to our attention to quality customer service to every hospital guest.”

For more than a year, three Hospital Parking Management valets have parked an average of 40 vehicles each day at the front entrance. They support the hospital’s mission of guest excellence through pleasant guest interaction and professional behavior.

The hospitals’ valet parking services give guests an added layer of caring and compassion to their overall healthcare experience,” said Joe Smith, valet manager. “Meeting the guests’ parking needs makes us a hospital resource that compliments the other staff members.”

Hospital Parking Management is committed to meeting the parking needs of the hospital and exceeding its expectations by providing the best in guest services specialized for the healthcare field. Our highly-trained and skilled staff are an extension of the hospital’s high level of customer service and are willing to travel "that extra mile" for each guest.


With more than 50 years of collective management experience, Hospital Parking Management is committed to providing professional, economical, and efficient parking management services to the healthcare industry. Hospital Parking Management offers its clients extensive experience in all aspects of valet parking-front door services, shuttle services and parking management within the healthcare field. Our sole focus is to make your healthcare facility more user-friendly and to help increase overall patient and guest relations. We believe that complete customer service should start outside your healthcare facility by providing easier access and worry-free parking.

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