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Technology Integration

Technology IntegrationHospital Parking Management has established relationships with parking software vendors who provide the most technologically advanced products in the market. Although Hospital Parking Management does not actually sell these products, we are well acquainted with the most current technology available. We keep updated on the newest technology so that when appropriate, we can pass these ideas onto our healthcare clients.

The companies we have established relationships with provide both advanced software and hardware technology. Some of their products include:

  • Arm Gates with or without loops
  • Card Readers
  • Ticket Spitters
  • Pay on foot equipment
  • Pay per space equipment
  • Pay per display equipment
  • Hand Held PC Devises (For Enforcement)
  • Integrated License Plat Recognition
  • Customer Request Kiosks
  • Dial-up Request Module
  • Accounts receivable information systems that easily allow us to:
    • Ensure that all active access cards are being billed
    • Ensure compliance with lease terms, including future rate escalations, minimum billings, and parker limits
    • Calculate perorations for new and terminating parkers
    • Collect automatic monthly payments through credit card charges and bank drafts

Our continued relationships with these vendors’ helps our healthcare clients make informed decisions regarding their parking facilities.

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