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DETROIT, MI Hospital Parking Management, a division of Seven One Seven Parking Services, Inc has added an automated valet parking system to their five-year service contract with the Detroit Medical Center.

The contract renewal enhances Hospital Parking Management services offered the center including concierge, traffic control, garage management and cashiering services. "The addition of the Computerized Valet Parking System (CWS) will allow the center to add another layer of "wired" technology to its current accolades," said Jason Accardi, Hospital Parking Management's president. "We will project professionalism and garner respect through the CWS's seamless execution of parking services."

In 2007, the Detroit Medical Center was named as on the country's 100 most Wired' Hospitals and Health Systems. This annually conducted survey and benchmarking study rates the nation's healthcare facilities on their application of information technologies for quality, customer service, public health and safety, business processes and workforce issues. "By adding this technology to its campus, the DMC is changing the medical industry's idea of levels of service," said HPMs President, Jason Accardi. "Their investment makes the parking process more efficient and effective."

According to their July 18, 2007 press release:

"The DMC has continued to invest in technology under the leadership $President and CEO Michael Dugan. This bas improved patient care and made all DMC habitats safer. We appreciate the recognition given by Hospitals & Health Networks magazine," stated Michael LeRoy, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Detroit Medical Center. Hospital Parking Management's contract details its commitment to meeting the center's parking needs and its pursuit of exceeding its expectations by providing the best in guest services specialized for the healthcare field.

Some of the user-friendly features guests can find are credit card processing, lost/missing ticket solutions, self-serve kiosks and touch screen interfaces. Customer-centered features include a vehicle database, demographics report, digital image tracking, incident report and a missing keys alert.

Operational recordkeeping is simplified for the parking staff and center management through cashier reports, cross retrieval features, demographics reporting, e-mail interface, employee time tracking, garage status & volume report, incident report, monthly revenue tracking, vehicle tracking, parking volume reports, validation controls and a vehicle damage indicator.

"For about a dollar more than self-parking in the underground garages and surface lots, we save the hospital's guests the aggravation of w a h g long distances when conducting hospital business," said Dan Truss, Area Manager.

The Detroit Medical Center operates nine hospitals and institutes including a specialty hospital, a women's hospital, an eye institute, a cancer center and a rehabilitation institute. The center partners with numerous groups to create a healthcare network that embraces clinical and academic research along with medical education.


CVPS combines 23 years of industry experience with the latest in technology to move valet parking service operations from a paper-based to an automated system. Successful installations throughout the United States have resulted in implementations that meet each parking situation with a unique system to common challenges. CWS tools manage faster, smarter and more efficiently than paper based systems. Recognized as the Inventor of high tech valet parking technology, CWS has set the standard with two patents that cover more than 70 basic high-tech valet parking concepts.


With more than 50 years of collective management experience, Hospital Parking Management is committed to providing professional, economical, and efficient parking management services to the healthcare industry. Hospital Parking Management offers its clients extensive experience in all aspects of valet parking-front door services, shuttle services and parking management within the healthcare field. Our sole focus is to make your healthcare facility more user-friendly and to help increase overall patient and guest relations. We believe that complete customer service should start outside your healthcare facility by providing easier access and worry-free parking.

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