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Elkridge, MD Hospital Parking Management, a division of Seven One Seven Parking Services, Inc has been named by PRIME, an organization that provides services and products to hospitals as their prime vendor for parking services.

PRlME has over 250 member healthcare institutions that are part of their organization. Located throughout Maryland and surrounding states, PRlME healthcare institutions provide healthcare services at state of the art facilities that offer their patients and visitors an environment that is geared toward healing.

The addition of Hospital Parking Management to the list of current vendors is viewed as an important step for the member healthcare institutions. Providing parking services to their patients and visitors has become more than a customer service issue however in most instances it increases customer satisfaction scores considerably today parking is a serious issue at many healthcare institutions.

Hospital Parking Management is proud to be part of the PRIME vendor list.


With more than 50 years of collective management experience, Hospital Parking Management is committed to providing professional, economical, and efficient parking management services to the healthcare industry. Hospital Parking Management offers its clients extensive experience in all aspects of valet parking-front door services, shuttle services and parking management within the healthcare field. Our sole focus is to make your healthcare facility more user-friendly and to help increase overall patient and guest relations. We believe that complete customer service should start outside your healthcare facility by providing easier access and worry-free parking.

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