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COLUMBUS, OH Hospital Parking Management, a division of Seven One Seven Parking Services, Inc has signed a two-year agreement with Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC) to provide valet parking, greeter and parking management services for all guests and visitors.

"In order to address the center's rising parking demand of nearly 1,700 additional spaces, while providing customer options during construction, the center has added parking services to its patient offerings," said John A Accardi, Senior Vice President of Hospital Parking Management.

In an OSUMC press release, associate vice president for facilities and materiel management, Eric Kunz states that a parking plan was developed in conjunction with the university officials to improve access for the entire campus' parking needs are met - including site-specific parking.

Hospital Parking Management's parking procedures eliminate staffing headaches, insurance costs and claims processing that would normally be incurred by the center. Through effective management and quality staffing, guest traffic and congestion are reduced by providing a front door presence for guests.

"HPM services impart the same level of guest concern based upon teamwork" said Michael Dome, HPM Area Manager. "Our alliance with the center highlights its personalizing care mission and symbolizes an unmatched level of care that is central to their mission of creating a campus that provides positive and quality guest experiences."

Hospital Parking Management's user-friendly service allows guests to drive to the front of any medical campus building and check-in with the valet parking desk. Hospital Parking Management currently parks approximately 900 vehicles each day at the medical center.


With more than 50 years of collective management experience, Hospital Parking Management is committed to providing professional, economical, and efficient parking management services to the healthcare industry. Hospital Parking Management offers its clients extensive experience in all aspects of valet parking-front door services, shuttle services and parking management within the healthcare field. Our sole focus is to make your healthcare facility more user-friendly and to help increase overall patient and guest relations. We believe that complete customer service should start outside your healthcare facility by providing easier access and worry-free parking.

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